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Supreme Plastisol Transfer


Fastisol is a plastisol screen print ink same as used for screen printing that is applied to heat press transfer film. This technique offers sheet based screen printing, in a hot peel production transfer in 2 popular color options black or white, for a very affordable price. The fact that you can can add multiple designs (aka gangsheet) on one 15 x 15 sheet means that you can add more than 1 design or client per sheet, which equals profit. Now you can offer a simple screen solution to clients that want specifically screen print ink on there garments.

Upload your single file, then add quantity amounts needed for that uploaded image, click “add to cart”, once added, proceed to upload your next image or checkout

For more info on ordering or preparing your art files correctly, see our videos or info on this page below

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Front side

Set your heat press to 325F

“Make sure your heat press doesn’t have any major heating inaccuracies.”

Pre press for 5-7 seconds to eliminate any moisture in the garment, you should not see any steam rising from your garment once moisture is evaporated

Press garment for the required time based on fabric type

peel quickly within 2 seconds

Wash cold inside out, and hang or tumble dry low

Durability – 50+ Washes

Cotton | Cotton Blends

“Not recommended for polyester” – may cause scorching due to higher heat temps


Cotton 7 seconds


Cotton - 325f


Medium / Firm 7-8 (60-70 psi)



important tips

  • Do not use a cover sheet for the initial main press
  • Always check your transfers before placement.
  • Check your heat press platen with a laser temperature  gun to ensure accurate temps.
  • Store your transfers in a cool dry place.
  • Always lint roll your garment prior to placement.
  • For post press, use a teflon cover sheet
  • All test are done using a Stahls Hotronix Heat press, your settings may vary.
  • Always order a few extra smaller prints and practice to dial in your heat press settings.

image setup

  1. Maximum per image size – 14″ x 14″ design area 
  2. Color mode – Use a Pantone color book in your software. We suggest using  Pantone Solid Coated Bridge CP, please save your artwork as a cmyk file
  3. Document setup – create a PNG transparent image/ 300 dpi per logo added as single image or in multiple image in your  gangsheet
  4. Transparent Space – do not leave any padding around your image or it will print that way
  5. TIPS – Plastisol inks are for vector style designs single colors no fades or gradients can be achieve unless your halftoning single colors.
  6. Convert– all text to outlines or curves (aka: non editable vector)
  7. Line weights – all lines must be a minimum weight of 1 pt. Any negative space need to be a minimum thickness equal to 2 pts. Designs details that fall under these requirements may not print well

making a gangsheet

If you are building your own gangsheet, from scratch just create your document or art board as 15″ x 15″ and art area as 14″ x 14″ add your PNG transparent artwork to that area and upload that gangsheet image file and quantities needed.

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