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Custom Leatherette Patches

Leatherette Custom

These custom laser cut leather style patches look and feel like real leather, just with a vegan/animal free approach. Each patch includes a heat activated adhesive backing. You can purchase these as either blank, laser engraved or full color patches. With many color options to choose from you’ll be able to accent any color style hat in todays trendy market!


Upper platen heat 280-290F

Lower platen heat 280F

“Make sure your heating element doesn’t have any  heating inaccuracies.”

All heat presses may vary so dial in your settings beforehand for best results.

Pre press your hat for 7 seconds to eliminate any moisture and to loosen up the material, Make sure to mold the hat shape to the platen, you should have no bubbles between the hat and platen it should feel flat to the platen surface.

Place Leather patch centered on hat. The lower heat should help this patch stay in place, after holding in place for 10 seconds …  add the Hat Mat Silicone Kit which we strongly recommended and Press patch for 45-50 seconds.  Tip: Always pre heat your silicone pad for best results. 

Watch my video below for my techniques and process

Patches are Hand Wash Only

You can use LA Awesome or any neutral cleaning products to clean any residue on your patches

1/16″ Thickness

For all other hat presses here are some jumping off point setting you can use. As always practice on your machine to dial in your settings as they will vary from machine to machine

15-20 seconds
Cover Pad:
1/16″ Silicone or 1/8″ Foam pad
Pre-heat your lower platen for 50-60 seconds. Add your hat and pre-heat for 20 seconds (using your silicone pad, prevents scorching and or burn marks). Make sure to mold the hat shape to the platen, you should have no gaps between the hat and the platen, it should be flat to the platen surface. Add patch and Cover with the Hat Mat Silicone Protective pad and press.


25-30 Seconds / 50-55 Seconds with the hat mat silicone pad

360 IQ Hat Press Temperatures

Upper 280F / Lower 290F


Medium 5-6 / with silicone pad 6-7

Cover pad

Recommended - The Hat Mat Silicone Pad
click image for product info

important tips

  • Always use a silicone pad for best results or your 1/8″ foam pad for pre, and main, press, (adjust time and temp if using the foam pad) for post press use only a silicone pad (recommended)
  • Check your patches before placement.
  • Always check your heat press platen with a laser temperature  gun to ensure accurate temps.
  • Store your patches in a cool dry place.
  • Lint roll your hats prior to placement.
  • All tests are done using a Stahls Hotronix 360 IQ Hat press, your settings may vary for any other style hat press. For Patches upper and lower heat is recommended, which is why we use the 360 IQ.
  • Always order a few extra patches as well practice with other hats first to dial in your hat heat press settings

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