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@ 10 seconds this awesome Supreme transfer is a pure production money maker!!

Supreme Pro Neon DTF


Supreme Neon is our most vibrant transfer utilizing special neon inks will take your apparel to another level. Neon’s are the perfect colors when you need Beach summer apparel, workout gear or its just party time! These neon color inks will also glow under a black light. This is the only transfer in Southern California featuring true neon inks, and it is a hard process to master we have made it happen, so get crazy and make some crazy apparel with Supreme Neon Transfers.

Upload your images one at a time, plus quantity amounts needed for that image, click “add to cart”, then proceed to upload your next image.

To see how much a certain size transfer will cost based on dimensions, just enter your dimensions and quantity amount should be set at = 1 

For more info on ordering or preparing your art files correctly, see our videos or info on this page below

With glitter DTF you definitely can kick up your saturation levels a lil to make your images pop a bit more with vibrancy, the glitter on this film really takes deep color well. experiment and have fun with this one.

Maximum Gangsheet width 22"
Maximum Gangsheet Height 47"

Maximum single image width 22"
Maximum single Image height 47"

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Number of Ink Colors:
Front side

How to Design and order DTF

Set your heat press to 285F

“Make sure your heat press doesn’t have any major heating inaccuracies.”

Pre press for 5-7 seconds to eliminate any moisture in the garment

Press garment for the required time based on fabric type

Peel transfer cold.

Post press for 5 seconds, This step embeds the design into the fabric, dissolves any remaining adhesive and adds texture, use a teflon sheet on this step

Wash cold inside out, and hang or tumble dry low, never iron digital print directly

Durability – 50+ Washes


Cotton 25 seconds / Poly 25 Seconds


Cotton - 285F / Polyester - 265F


Firm - 8-9 (70-80 psi)



important tips

  • Do not use a cover sheet for the initial main press
  • Always check your transfers before placement.
  • Check your heat press platen with a laser temperature  gun to ensure accurate temps.
  • Store your transfers in a cool dry place.
  • Always lint roll your garment prior to placement.
  • For post press, use a teflon cover sheet
  • All test are done using a Stahls Hotronix Heat press, your settings may vary.
  • Always order a few extra smaller prints and practice to dial in your heat press settings.

image setup

  1. Maximum per single image size 22″ wide x 47″ Height
  2. Color mode rgb or cmyk colors
  3. Document setup PNG transparent image/ 300 dpi
  4. Transparent Space create a thin space of .05 inches of transparent padding around your image as a buffer, see video for example
  5. Warning!fades and gradients may cause banding issues, please check your art before submitting it, as we print what you submit.
  6. TIPS Outer soft edges and shadows that fade to nothing are not able to be printed with dtf unless its within an image itself, so we recommend not using them for outer effects outside of an image.

making a gangsheet

If you are building your own gangsheet, your printed art board frame shall not exceed 22.05″ x 47.05″ per sheet as far as length it can be less than 47.05″ if needed. The .05″ is the buffer of blank space between the frame and artwork, so if your length is for example: 25″ add the buffer of .05 = 25.05″  this is recommended. Your actual art will be 22″ x 25″ in that scenario… your length ranging between 1″-47″. Either way when your artwork is done you should have .05″ of blank space around your entire frame.

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