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Silicone Hat Protector Kit

The Original “Hat Mat” by Esentl, is the first and #1 best product made of Silicone custom designed to protect and distribute your heat evenly and efficiently, also prevent scorching. Its unique shape designed by Esentl, will fit a variety of different popular caps in today’s market. Get both pieces as a combo and save.


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When I first starting decorating hats, I quickly realized that hats can easily scorch due to the style fabrics they use, especially poly foam caps. many of todays cheaper hat presses do not do a great job on creating perfect hats they most always scorch the fabrics, or leave insane press box marks from the platens below. The trend I started on YouTube on how to protect your hats has now developed into the ultimate necessary silicone product that protects and distributes your heat evenly while prevent scorching. The custom Hat Mat shape has been tested by me personally to fit a variety of different popular brands. Easy to clean and battle tested you’ll feel confident using The Hat Mat by Esentl …. The shield that started it all!


Hats I have tested on:  Yupoong, Richardson, FlexFit, Otto, Decky, PitBull Caps.

Weight 0.125 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 5.75 × 0.08 in


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